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The Vault of Scottsdale provides a climate and access controlled, fire and carbon monoxide monitored facility to car enthusiasts looking to store, customize & care for their most valuable possession. Car enthusiasts deserve only the best for their auto vault storage needs, and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services possible at our car storage facility in Scottsdale.

The Vault of Scottsdale

Looking For Storage?
Car Storage and Events


Our 16,000-square-foot facility provides a convenient, safe, & optimal storage environment for your vehicles. With multiple storage options, such as a main floor with 24/7 access, we are equipped to suit any and all your needs. Our car storage in Scottsdale also offers 24/7 surveillance to monitor Security, Fire and carbon monoxide to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle. The Main Floor space provides independent parking – no car will be moved to let another out. Please note, no firearms or weapons are allowed on property. 

Stacker Suites

Our Multi Level Stacker Suites are located in the main storage area, which is access-controlled, air-conditioned, Fire, Carbon monoxide, and security monitored on a 24/7 basis. The stackers offer a more affordable option for storage yet receive the same level of car, battery tenders, etc., for your vehicle.

Our Services


Keeping your collection in prime condition is one of our top priorities. The Vault of Scottsdale services includes facilitating the completion of maintenance, repairs, and modifications to your vehicle while being stored. Car enthusiasts trust that their cars will be perfectly maintained while in auto vault storage, and we strive to be the best car storage facility in Scottsdale through our dedication to quality collection maintenance practices. All Vehicles are connected to Battery tenders, kept clean and if you desire, exercised on a regular basis


We coordinate with Dealers or independent shops of your choice. We can coordinate or perform annual service, recalls, recommended maintenance & Tire rotations.

We also can coordinate vehicle upgrades, wheels and tires, vehicle wraps, locating hard to find vehicles and assist in the sale of your vehicle, either private or through any auction.

Interior and Exterior Detail
Polishing and paint correction
Ceramic Coating
Window Tinting
Paint Protective Film(PPF)
Paintless Dent repair
Wheel /Curb rash repair
Vehicle Consignment

Full vehicle concierge service
Luxury Vehicle Storage


The Vault of Scottsdale offers a unique and memorable location for corporate or personal events. Our 16000 ft auto vault storage facility includes state-of-the-art architecture, views of some of the world’s most stunning vehicles, access to a 1400 square foot lounge and theater, and a centralized location in proximity to the Scottsdale Airport. From start to finish, we work tirelessly to ensure your event is coordinated as imagined with catering options available as well. We can assist in planning your event, providing vendors or just being the space to ensure your event meets and exceeds your expectations.


Our events are an excellent opportunity for members of the car community to connect, view some of the world’s finest vehicles, and explore our auto vault storage facility.

Check out a few upcoming events we have in store at the Vault of Scottsdale:

March 16th, 2024
Cars & Coffee
Cars and Coffee

March 16th 8:00am - 10:00am

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